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Sunday Morning Gospel Show

Listen for the Sunday Morning Southern Gospel Music Show from 6 AM - 9 AM on both Real American Country 987 and KDMS - 1290!


Support The Salvation Army!

We hope you'll consider supporting the El Dorado Salvation Army year round! This is the only funding they get...from local support. 870-863-4830. Don't forget about their Thrift Store at 1430 N. West Avenue. Again, all their funding comes completely from local support! Thanks!

Prophecy Today

Listen for Jimmy DeYoung and his  look at prophecy in today's news headlines, just after the 9 AM news, Mon-Fri, on KDMS-1290.


Prophecy Today

Listen for Jimmy Deyoung and Prophecy Today each weekday morning just after the 9 AM news on KDMS-1290.

Issues & Answers

Bob Parks talks with community leaders each Sunday morning just after 11 AM when KDMS presents 'Issues & Answers"

St. Paul UMC Services

Listen for the Sunday morning worship services from ST. Paul's United Methodisst Church each Sunday morning around 10 AM.

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